Seeking Minimal Python Project Name (was: [pypy-dev] Re: [ann] Minimal Python project)

Anthony Baxter anthony at
Mon Jan 13 06:47:06 CET 2003

>>> Christian Tismer wrote
> While a name is most unimportant for me,
> I agree that it *is* important for the
> community to be able to spell it.
> Anyone having some good suggestions?

According to
baby snakes are called:

  neonate (a newly-born snake), 
  hatchling (a newly-hatched snake)

More reading shows that neonates are babies that
are born "live" (not really, but it seems like it - see 
for more), while hatchlings are from egg-laying species 
(which includes Pythons).

"Snakelet" has a cool sound to it, tho...


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