[pypy-dev] Intellectual property

Marc Recht marc at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Mon Jan 13 18:39:22 CET 2003

> Could you give a small example scenario?  What could the PSF do
> if Microsoft and Sun each claim that the project makes illegal use
> of some 1000 patents?
> Isn't it a very bad idea to transfer "IP" to an american
> institution?  Sorry, but the States seem to take the lead in
> ridicoulous Patent and Copyright law with Europe following closely.
Good point. America's IP rights suck. (Who saind DMCA..) And problems 
shouldn't be underestimated.. I don't know if the Europen IP rights will 
get that bad. Isn't there any organization outside of the USA who can get 
the IP ?

May an institution on Aruba or in Southern America ? :)


"Premature optimization is the root of all evil." -- Donald E. Knuth
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