[pypy-dev] Questions about the C core

Marc Recht marc at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Mon Jan 13 20:24:02 CET 2003

> I have the same goal. I also don't hesitate to use
> some abbreviative tools for repeated code, maybe.
> But only if it helps to simplify, not to change the
> language.
I was only thinking about the actual build process, not about the language 

> Furthermore, thinking of macros again, they make
I 100% agree with you. Changing the language isn't a good idea.

> XML on the other hand, as an intermediate language
> or for pickling makes sense to me. At least it is easier
> to parse than Python. (But we *have* the parser...)
I thought about using XML as a formal description for generating stuff. For 
example CastorXML (a java xml databinding framework, 
http://castor.exolab.org) uses XML Schemata to generate simple data classes 
with XML marshaling/unmarshaling functionality.. Though I'm not sure at 
which part of the MiniPy build process generating code could be useful, I 
think it should be kept in mind.

"Premature optimization is the root of all evil." -- Donald E. Knuth
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