[pypy-dev] reading suggestion

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at bluewin.ch
Tue Jan 14 17:24:43 CET 2003

 Mixed-mode Bytecode Execution
Ole Agesen and David Detlefs

Modern high-performance virtual machines use dynamic compilation. There is a
tension between compilation speed and code quality. We argue that a
highly-optimizing compiler is best deployed with both a fast, less-optimizing
compiler and an interpreter. We present measurements showing that such a system
can achieve the same peak performance as a system with just the optimizing
compiler, and startup costs similar to a system with just the interpreter and
fast compiler.


 [Java HotSpot at the moment uses and interpreter + fast medium less optimizing
 compiler in the client version,
  and an interpreter + more higly optimizing compiler in the server version]


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