[pypy-dev] Questions for Armin

Edward K. Ream edream at tds.net
Fri Jan 17 20:08:28 CET 2003

My long posts were intended, in part, to expose my assumptions for
correction if needed.

Here are what I conceive to be the key questions about psyco:

1.  How often and under what circumstances does psyco_compatible get called?

My _guess_ is that it gets called once per every invocation of every
"psycotic" function (function optimized by psyco).  Is this correct?

2.  True or false: the call to psyco_compatible would be equivalent to
runtime code that discovers special values of certain particular variables.

3.  True or false: adding more state information to psyco (in order to
discover more runtime values) will slow down psyco_compatible.

4. Are these the most important questions to ask about psyco?  If not, what
_are_ the key questions?

Thanks very much.

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