[pypy-dev] SCons build tool

Charles Crain chux at houston.rr.com
Mon Jan 20 18:47:24 CET 2003

Hi.  I have been lurking on the pypy list for a while, and I happened to
see a message under the subject "bootstrapping issues" that caught my

There is the idea of not using make/configure/automake
but a simple understandable debuggable (read: python based) 
build environment.

It just so happens that I'm part of the team developing SCons, which is
a 100% pure Python make replacement based on the winning proposal for
the Software Carpentry Project build tool.  It's very full-featured, and
includes many features that have to be hand-rolled with the traditional
make/configure/automake solution.  For more information, see
www.scons.org.  Oh, and it's free as in both beer and speech, of course.


P.S. I don't subscribe to the email list, I only check the archives
every once in a while, so please copy any replies directly to my email.

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