[pypy-dev] Questions for Armin

Christian Tanzer tanzer at swing.co.at
Tue Jan 21 08:27:09 CET 2003

Nathan Heagy <nathanh at zu.com> wrote:

> The only reason I bring it up, and I'm not really in any position to be
> bringing things up, is that it seems to me that this dynamic
> metacompiling stuff could be a real pain for making things fast and
> optimized. Most fast languages don't have eval() and that may be part
> of the reason they are fast. I'm sure Guido could jump in with a
> wonderful reason why eval() is great but I think if it disappeared no
> one would miss it, especially if it let Python compile to machine code.
> In fact if that was the price of enabling Python to compile to machine
> code I *guarantee* no one would miss it.

I certainly would miss it.

And your intuition about eval vs. speed is wrong anyway...

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