[pypy-dev] How to translate 300000 lines of C

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at bluewin.ch
Tue Jan 21 15:40:24 CET 2003

From: "Armin Rigo" <arigo at tunes.org>
> Both Jython and the old Stackless demonstrate badly enough that translating
> the CPython code manually might be quite possible, but if you do it, your
> project is doomed to become completely out-of-date after a couple of years.
> Let's not repeat that mistake.

Jython is not a manual translation of CPython C but what I do I know, it seems
that here everybody is a Jython expert.

Jython could use a more active community wrt development but that's a different
kind of issue.

OTOH automatically translating the CPython C sources to the right level of
abstraction necessary e.g. for Jython or what not is for sure an interesting

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