[pypy-dev] Keeping it simple

Chui Tey teyc at cognoware.com
Wed Jan 22 01:27:48 CET 2003

Hi All, 

Minimal Python sounds cool. :) 

I think we should try to stick as closely to the original objectives 
of the Minimal Python project, namely to aid in the fast prototyping 
of the Python VM, and reducing the C core to a minimum. 

Work could be started on two ends: 

a) making the types in the C interpreter even more Python like. eg. 
   making every attribute in the frameobject writable, and 
   making it subclassable in Python itself. 
b) Providing a set of patches that hooks the C core into using 
   alternate implementations particular bytecodes. For instance, 
   we might have a Python implementation of BUILD_CLASS instead of 
   the services provided by the C-Core. 
y) Having a python implementation of a bytecode interpreter 
z) making some of the services of the python implementation 
   eg. frameobjects available to the C core. 

Eventually this may lead to a version of PyPy where 
the main interpreter loop lives in Python by using a very 
small set of core CPython services like lists, and dictionaries 
(circa Python 1.0). 

The aim of making PyPy run faster then CPython is noble. However, 
even if it is not achieved, PyPy will still have great utility. 
You see, CPython has been finely tuned for many years 
and there is no reason why people will continue to tune it for 
many years to come. The tuning has come at the cost of 
understandability in some cases. A Minimal Python would 
fill a void in providing a reference implementation which 
can be understood in a single sitting. 

Aligning PyPy closely with CPython will aid the longevity of 
the Python Python project and encourage wider adoption of 
PyPy from the core python developers. 

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