[pypy-dev] focus: CPython <-> PyPython

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Wed Jan 22 01:45:13 CET 2003

Hi folks,

There have been quite some discussions about how
to relate to the ever-progressing CPython development.

To recap i try to formulate some agreements:

    a) the Python language is not to be modified

    b) if in doubt we follow the CPython lead
       wherever possible

    b) CPython core abstraction levels should
       be cleanly formulated in Python.

    c) Macros may be used at some levels if there 
       really is no good way to avoid them.  
       But a) and b) still hold.

    d) our Pythonic core specification is intended
       to be used for all kinds of generational steps
       (to C, Bytecode, Object-C, assembler, for 
       PSYCO-Specilization whatever, etc).

    e) if in doubt i follow Armin's and Christian's 
       lead regarding the right abstraction levels :-)

    e) there is all kinds of nice stuff to try

    f) there are a lot of wishes, thoughts, suggestions 
       and ... names :-)
There is some disagreement about how to cope with the
CPython codebase and python-dev's ongoing C-development.  
Which isn't really problematic for the time beeing.

We might have a model and some working code before 
PyCon (the python developers conference in Washington 
in March).  It should be an ideal opportunity to discuss 

Any strong objections or agreements on this recap? 



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