[pypy-dev] How to translate 300000 lines of C

Rocco Moretti roccomoretti at netscape.net
Wed Jan 22 04:46:12 CET 2003

One issue re: the automatic C to Python translater just occured to me.

It's been mentioned that only portions of the C code would be automatically translated, certain sections being translated by hand. How would the interface between the two work if the hand translated sections differ from the C version?

Simplest example is basic types. A Python version would presumably be represented as a class with member functions. But the C code uses calls to accessor functions. How could we redirect the automatically generated code to call member functions as opposed to free floating functions?

A more difficult problem lies when we we start to reorganize the object/structure internals. Good case of this is the frame object. The C version has an array with multiple pointers to internal objects. Once you reorganize the internals, how do you tell the C->Python translator that f_stacktop isn't a PyObject pointer anymore, but an index off of another list?

Not to dissuade the effort, but I'm concerned we could get a situation where we are hesitant to rearrange the internals for the better because it would break our tools.

Cautiously Optimistic,

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