[pypy-dev] Porting Python C-Code to Python

Nathan Heagy nathanh at zu.com
Wed Jan 22 23:25:50 CET 2003

I've heard that this is not easy at all. iirc gcc can only really make 
code for register-based systems. the java back end is apparently a big 
hack that basically sidesteps all the gcc internals.

On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 03:33  PM, Thomas Fanslau wrote:

> I'm reading the list for some time now ... and although I understand 
> what you want to achieve I may not really understand what is involved 
> in reaching that goal ...
> But lately I read about porting that C-Code to Python and I have a 
> question/suggestion that may be a serious candidate for the most 
> stupid idea :)
> Shouldn't it be possible to write a (small) backend to gcc to generate 
> python-bytecode? So you can translate the C-Part of Python (or any 
> other C-Code :) to python-bytecode and run it. That should be easier 
> then all the other suggestions and allows you to replace the C-Code 
> Module for Module ...
> --tf
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Nathan Heagy

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