[pypy-dev] Re: Notes on compiler package

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Thu Jan 23 19:16:44 CET 2003

[Jeremy Hilton]
    The question I'd really like to ask, which I'll just throw out for
    now, is: Why would minimal python want to generate bytecode for the
    old interpreter?

[Nathan Heagy]
    Is byte-code compatibility a goal of minimalPython? I haven't seen it 
    mentioned anywhere but everyone seems to be working under that 

We are working from the known towards the unknown.  It is clear
that we want to have a compiler package written in python and if
feasible an appropriate parser.   Later on we probably want
to use it to generate *very* different stuff than the current
Python bytecode.  

[Nathan Heagy]

    As far as alternatives, why don't we target the .net CLI?

Because we don't aim at buzzword compliancy :-)  From what
i remember about .net/cli discussions it just doesn't fit 
well with python's dynamics.  If you know otherwise then
please post more details. 



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