[pypy-dev] New __builtin__

Scott Fenton scott at fenton.baltimore.md.us
Fri Jan 24 14:25:23 CET 2003

Yes, everyone, it is the moment you have all dreaded.
A new version of pure python __builtin__s. This version
contains nudity, sexual references, chr implemented
using '%c'%i, an optimized ord, multiarg map and
zip, and the new functions unichr, oct, hex, staticmethod,
*attr (for * in (get,has,set)), isinstance, issubclass,
and slice. I did not include classmethod as this seems
to warrent further discussion. Stuff I think can be easily
done in python that haven't been yet: dir, raw_input, reload,
round, and xrange.

thinks-python-can-be-faster-than-c-ly yours,

char m[9999],*n[99],*r=m,*p=m+5000,**s=n,d,c;main(){for(read(0,r,4000);c=*r;
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