[pypy-dev] __builtin__ module

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at bluewin.ch
Sat Jan 25 01:55:04 CET 2003

>Not if we're talking about generating a compiler, it isn't. I think
>part of our problem is that, besides extending python FAR beyond
>its original problem domain, we look like we're heading towards the
>first python compiler, as opposed to the CPython and Jython interpreters
>(ok, there is freeze, but it uses the internals of an interpreter to
>run, so not really). What we need to do is figure out if we want a
>direct compiler in which to write an interpeter, or just an interpreter,
>which wouldn't ever be free standing.

I guess that what you mean is that (limited) untyped bit vectors can be used in
an intermediate representation near to machine code generation in a
to-machine-code compiler.

My point is that wrt  capturing python semantics in python in a way that is
statically analyzable in order to produce widely different "backends" the
notion of untyped bits  vector is likely too low level. (Even if the backend
set should encompass "compilers").

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