[pypy-dev] Re: New __builtin__

Pedro Rodriguez pedro_rodriguez at club-internet.fr
Mon Jan 27 18:28:23 CET 2003

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 17:07:17 +0100, Michael Hudson wrote:

> Scott Fenton <scott at fenton.baltimore.md.us> writes:
>> Stuff I think can be easily done in python that haven't been yet: dir,
>> raw_input, reload, round, and xrange.
> dir is probably possible but a bit tedious.

Don't know if this suits you, but some time ago I posted a dir version 
I rewrote dir based on C code to emulate 2.2  behaviour in 1.5.2. 

Didn't check if 'dir' code evolved since then.


# new_dir.py

""" Restranscript of python 2.2 dir() builtin.

import types
import sys

def merge_class_dict(dict, aclass):
    classdict = getattr(aclass, "__dict__", None)
    if classdict is not None:

    bases = getattr(aclass, "__bases__", None)
    if bases is not None:
        for base in bases:
            merge_class_dict(dict, base)
def merge_list_attr(dict, obj, attrname):
    list = getattr(obj, attrname, None)
    if list is not None:
        for item in list:
            if type(item) is types.StringType:
                dict[item] = None

def new_dir(obj=None):
    objType = type(obj)

    if obj is None:
        result = locals().keys()
    elif objType is types.ModuleType:
        result = obj.__dict__.keys()

    elif objType is types.ClassType or objType is types.TypeType:
        dict = {}
        merge_class_dict(dict, obj)
        result = dict.keys()

        dict = getattr(obj, "__dict__", None)
        if dict is None:
            dict = {}
        elif type(dict) is not types.DictType:
            dict = {}
            dict = dict.copy()

        merge_list_attr(dict, obj, "__members__")
        merge_list_attr(dict, obj, "__methods__")
        itsclass = getattr(obj, "__class__", None)
        if itsclass is not None:
            merge_class_dict(dict, itsclass)

        result = dict.keys()

    return result

    major, minor, micro, releaselevel, serial = sys.version_info
    if (major, minor) >= (2, 2):
        new_dir = dir

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