[pypy-dev] Re: [pypy-svn] rev 1073 - in pypy/trunk/src/pypy: interpreter/test objspace/std tool

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Jul 1 15:29:00 CEST 2003

hpk at codespeak.net writes:

> Author: hpk
> Date: Mon Jun 30 17:41:07 2003
> New Revision: 1073
> Modified:
>    pypy/trunk/src/pypy/interpreter/test/test_interpreter.py
>    pypy/trunk/src/pypy/objspace/std/register_all.py   (props changed)
>    pypy/trunk/src/pypy/objspace/std/stringobject.py
>    pypy/trunk/src/pypy/tool/test.py
> Log:
> - improved the hack to perform specific objspace tests only when
>   actually running the tests with the respective objspace. 
>   (i.e. objspace.ann* tests are skipped for StdObjSpace and
>    objspace.std* for AnnObjSpace)

I think *a* way to do this nicely is to have test.objspace() raise a
"TestSkip" exception when asked for a specific object space that is
not the one currently being tested.  This probably means rewriting
more of unittest.py, though (we want four possible outcomes: pass,
fail, error, skip).


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