[pypy-dev] interface changes (would-have-been: builtin -- gettingstarted)

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at bluewin.ch
Sat Mar 1 11:34:47 CET 2003

From: "Laura Creighton" <lac at strakt.com>
> I always envisioned that the final low-level runtime would support
> multi-dispatching dynamically, but I don't know if that was ever
> explicitly decided, or if that is just a 'prejudice' or 'habit of
> thinking' of mine which conceivably nobody else shares and which
> didn't get examined.  Thank you for turning on the flashlight.  If we
> made consensus, that would have been done on the first 2 days of the
> sprint which I missed, so I don't know.

I was asking because:
- dispatch and lookup are part of the skeleton (together with mem mgmt etc) of
an implementation, other issues are more local/internal to the single object
- for some possible execution substrates (Java, ObjC) dynamic multi-dispatch at
runtime is not "natural"
- on this depends how in PyPy support for subclassing of built-in types (class
myint(int): ...) should be expressed

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