[pypy-dev] hash negotiation

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Sat Mar 1 20:09:00 CET 2003

I think that Armin is left for a week in the outdoors in Finland, and
it is probably not a good idea to bbq him in absentia, but that we
_have_ to make a C-compliant implementation, or else we will only
be viewed as an esoteric weird hobby.  But I also don't think that
'futzing around trying to see what we can fool around with' counts
as a big permanent commitment to not produce something compatible.

It just means we are sloppy with our private object spaces.

I've already made one proposal to make that sloppiness less of
a problem, but so far, no comments here, except that a checkins
list would be a good idea.

Right now I would like a bit of guidance from somebody on what
would you like me to work on, and some guarantees that when I do
it I won't stomp over somebody else's work by mistake and clumbsiness.
I'd like help in building a little more order around here, because
though I want more order, I don't want to impose my order, because
it is anti-social, as well as for the pragmatic reason that I am
not sure that my proposed new way of ordering is actually a good
idea.  I am strongly pro- 'more order, less chaos' and only a tiny
bit pro my idea for fixing this.


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