[pypy-dev] Re: we need to discuss setting up a PyPy foundation and how

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Mon Mar 31 23:13:25 CEST 2003

In a message of Mon, 31 Mar 2003 12:52:51 -0800, Armin Rigo writes:
>Hi Laura,
>On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 05:28:59PM +0200, Laura Creighton wrote:
>> to fund it.  I have starter capital now.  This is going to work.
>> We need a board so we can decide how to spend money.
>Oh oh. I see that you are trying to pull me into a money thing. All right, but
>I guess you are aware that I have no experience in the domain. But I would be
>glad to give directions on what I think could be interesting to finance.

Cool.  What we mostly need is your credentials.  One of the reasons why
we can tell the EU that it is not going to waste its money by giving
us some is that your Psyco experience is exactly what they want.  So
we need to read them well enough that we can thoroughly answer the
question 'what is it that the EU wants that we have got?'.  Then you
write that up, in painstaking detail, and call it a funding proposal.

I have done this many times before, and this is the trick to getting
funded.  Answer the question 'what is it that you want that I have got'
and then write that up.  If you try to foolthem with promising them things
they want but you do not have, then things go to hell quickly.  But I think
things are great for us.  We only have to ask for money to do what we
want to do, because they want us to do that.  We just have to ask in such
a way that makes it clear that we have common interest here.

>In fact I believe it would be very exciting to get funding for Python in
>general and PyPy in particular. Alisair talked about getting academic sup
>and linking PyPy's potentially small footprint with embedded devices -- t
>are exactly the two areas where I can help. The EU project I'm part of si
>tomorrow is all about specialization (Psyco) for embedded devices. This g
>strong links, even to the point that we could consider active collaborati
>between the two projects, and maybe use the existing EU project to financ
>spawn the PyPy project.

Sounds perfect to me.


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