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Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Sun Nov 16 18:40:51 CET 2003

This might be interesting to use as a pypy performance test, if we
can get the python version acceptably fast. 

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From: "James Makela" <jamesm249 at comcast.net>
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Subject: ANN: xhelix encryption/authentication module
    There was recently an article named "Helix: Fast Encryption and
Authentication" by Niels Ferguson and Bruce Schneier, published in the Nov
2003 issue of Dr Dobbs Journal.  In it was a module written in python to
implement this encryption method.  This module works very well, but is too
slow to be used in any practical application.
    xhelix is a python C extension implementing Helix encryption and
authentication.  It is used in the same way as the Helix module descibed in
the article, but runs many, many times faster.

The project resides at:

The current version is 1.0 and is released under LGPL

if you have any questions, mailto:
    jamesm249 at users.sourceforge.net

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