[pypy-dev] from private mail out of discussion on building a community pythion website

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Wed Nov 19 22:12:24 CET 2003

from discussion on marketing python, re: some place where we could all
contribute more, a place where we could all contribute python hints and
help and whatever, plus links to our blogs, and something written for
suits, and we get to use Tim Parkin's logo which python.org rejected...

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Laura Creighton <lac at strakt.com> writes:

> What I wanted was a set of basic templates, that establish a look.
> and then the abilty to edit what I want to say _in emacs_ using some
> sort of basic markup -- like ReST.  And then, all you really have to
> do is type.

I agree completely with this sentiment.  Here is what would be my
ideal system:

* text files written using reST conventions

* text files stored in cvs or svn

* style sheet to work with reST that ends up looking like Tim's design

* the result is static html pages that are search engine friendly

Here is how people would contribute website content:

* read tutorial about reST and updating content

* ask for privileges at the cvs or svn repository

* check out the files from cvs or svn

* make changes in preferred text editor, or

* check out the templates and create a new document

* run unit tests which make sure the html gets created properly

* make sure the html results look good with the style sheets

* check the changes into the cvs or svn repository

* cvs or svn changes get emailed to anyone who wants to monitor them

* someone can reverse the changes, just like code in cvs or svn

* the website gets rebuilt from the cvs or svn reposity each day

If the content is in reST, we can also produce XML, PDFs, latex,
OpenOffice, etc.


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My thought is that we have this already in PyPy.  correct?

things are moving right along.

later we get this:

>Stephan Deibel <sdeibel at wingide.com> writes:
>> FWIW, I have been working on redesigning how wingide.com and
>> pythonology.org work and it's reST-based.  If this comes to action,
>> let me know and maybe some of my code will be useful (I plan to open
>> source the framework... yea yea, yet another web framework, but it's
>> unique in being reST-centric).
>Whether I apply it to a Python-specific website or not, I do plan to
>use something like this for several other websites I'm developing
>right now.  So I am *extremely* interested in your framework.  Please
>tell me more.  I'll help in any way I can.  I'm on the reST developer
>team, have contributed a few additions to reST, and worked on the
>OpenOffice converter that Robin Dunn and Noel Rappin and I are using
>on the wxPython book for Manning.  So I'm knee deep in this stuff
>already.  ;-)
>Patrick K. O'Brien
>Orbtech      http://www.orbtech.com/web/pobrien


sounds to me as if this is something we want -- and we need to get
Patrick to a Sprint ....

now thigns are moving towards getting another sourceforge project.
Patrick has several.  but I think that we have lots of code to drop in.

wanted to keep you all posted ....


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