[pypy-dev] from private mail out of discussion on building a community pythion website

Patrick K. O'Brien pobrien at orbtech.com
Thu Nov 20 16:34:13 CET 2003

Dinu Gherman <dinu at mac.com> writes:

> Laura Creighton:
> > from discussion on marketing python, re: some place where we could
> > all contribute more, a place where we could all contribute python
> > hints and help and whatever, plus links to our blogs, and
> > something written for suits, and we get to use Tim Parkin's logo
> > which python.org rejected...
> Hi Laura and others,
> it's not entirely clear to me why this message pops up on this
> particular PyPy-list, but read on...

It's a long story.  In short, several of us rebels were talking about
setting up a website with Python content (using Tim's website design
and logo, which we happen to like a lot).  That lead to discussions
about maintaining content in reST using cvs or svn.  Stephen Deibel
and Tim Parkin have code for doing such a thing that they want to open
source.  So we decided to start a project.  Laura thought the PyPy
folks also had similar needs, and similar code.  Hence the post here.

We'd love to have you involved as well.  We've got a SourceForge
project set up, but since SF doesn't support Subversion, we may take
up Holger's offer to host it, when he has time to do so.

Here is a very brief project description:

"Restify is a lightweight content management system that uses
reStructuredText documents to generate static (or dynamic) web pages
for an entire website.  It is written in Python, and does not require
any software on the server (except for dynamic content).  Source
documents are stored in Subversion."

At least, that's all *I* need to be a happy camper.[1]  Others have
cool ideas they would like to have.  I imagine that if this project
satisfies Laura, it should satisfy just about anyone.  <big wink>

[1] With a name of Restify, I would suggest that the developers call
    themselves Restifarians.[2]  :-)

[2] http://www.google.com/search?q=rastafarian

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