[pypy-dev] Subversion questions

Patrick K. O'Brien pobrien at orbtech.com
Sat Nov 22 02:58:42 CET 2003

It looks like I'm going to invest in a server to host all my web
activities.  I'll have root access and can install whatever I want.
So I'll be installing subversion.  What particular setup has worked
well for the PyPy folks?  I'll probably use Debian for the OS.

Also, Laura, are you using Subversion from within Emacs?  If so, what
did you do to set that up?  I *love* accessing cvs from Emacs, so I'd
like to be able to do the same with Subversion.

Since I'll have unlimited domain capabilities, I can host the entire
project, if you want.  I'll be installing Mailman, so I can set up
some mailing lists as well.  If we can decide on a name (unless
everyone is happy with restweb), I can register the domain name as
well.  The following are available:


If someone else wants to host this (Holger, Stepen) that's fine.  Just
thought I'd offer.

Patrick K. O'Brien
Orbtech      http://www.orbtech.com/web/pobrien
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