[pypy-dev] Re: gnu lightning

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at bluewin.ch
Fri Oct 10 14:09:02 CEST 2003

At 12:21 10.10.2003 +0100, Michael Hudson wrote:
>Alexandre Fayolle <Alexandre.Fayolle at logilab.fr> writes:
> > Your probably aware of this already, but then again, maybe not. I've
> > just stumbled across the gnu lightning project
> > http://www.gnu.org/software/lightning/lightning.html
>I know Armin knows about this and doesn't (didn't?) consider it
>suitable for psyco, but I must admit I don't remember why.

Obviously Armin can/will answer himself. If I recollect correctly it was 
something about Psyco
emitting fragments at a time instead of whole functions (?)  

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