[pypy-dev] early sprint planning - amsterdam

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Tue Oct 14 11:13:17 CEST 2003

hello pypy-devers, hello current pypy-sprint subscribers,

just wanted to gather some more feedback for the next (fifth!) 
PyPy-sprint.  It is currently planned to take place at

    "Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam", 14th-21th Dec 2003. 

thanks to Etienne Posthumus.  There was already some agreement in 
Berlin about this proposal, and Armin, Michael and me told me 
afterwars it's likely they will come.  

I guess the main goal will be to complete C code generation
(probably still using Pyrex as an intermediate layer). It would
also be nice to work on some fun frontends to PyPy like one
with pygame that visualizes interactions between interpreter
and objectspace.  But we will certainly need to discuss which
main goals the next sprint should have.  The sprint should
be a rather pure coding sprint, no funding strings attached :-)

short after this mail i will unsubscribe everybody (except armin,
michael and me) from the pypy-sprint list.  So please SUBSCRIBE 
yourself ASAP if you are *interested* to come to Amsterdam:


A real announcement will supposedly go soon to pypy-dev, 
c.l.py and python-dev. We want to fix especially the date 
early so that people can book cheap flights.  If you want
to come but really have no way at all of financing it please 
contact me. We will try to help but can't promise anything. 



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