[pypy-dev] Improved Unit Test Framework

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Sat Oct 18 10:14:35 CEST 2003

holger krekel:

> Apparently, almost every larger python project writes its own
> unittest-workaround/extension with often similar features.  It's sure
> interesting to condense a list of useful features from all the 
> different
> approaches.

There seems to be an increasing number complaints about the unittest
package, which I have difficulties to follow. PyUnit is a framework,
large parts of which you can adapt to your own needs. When I started
using it I found that, like with any good framework, it takes a while
to grasp all degrees of freedom you really have.

When people write their own wrappers and extensions it doesn't mean
the framework is bad! It means you can do it! As Holger basically
says, I also suggest, whoever wants PyUnit to do something it cannot
do without extensions or maybe even at all, come up with a descrip-
tion of desired features on the PyUnit mailing list! Write a few XP-
like user stories and let Steve Purcell know about it. Holger, I'm
sure we can setup a Wiki page for special PyPy testing demands?

I wrote a Cocoa GUI frontent to PyUnit a while ago which I should
probably run over the PyPy testsuite and see what happens... ;-)
If you're on a Mac see the link below to do the same.


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