[pypy-dev] LLVM - did we know this?

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Wed Oct 29 14:01:21 CET 2003

Hello PyPy,

Second try from Armin and me after IRC discussions ...

--- proposed mail ----

Hello Chris,

we have been investigating your project and the good documentation
and are very impressed. If we understood your goals correctly
this seems like a good match for our ongoing and active PyPy project,
a reimplementation of the Python language in Python.

We'll definitely try using llvm as our low-level backend. 
But actually we contact you now to ask you if you'd be interested 
in some bidirectional collaboration. 

Maybe a bit more background what we did or are: 

- we are an open international group of individuals collaborating on 
  our free time mostly. We are very involved with research, open source
  communities and especially the Python communities. 

- During the course of four one-week meetings (which we call development
  "sprints") we have done a rather complete interpreter and can translate
  parts of it to C or Lisp code already (using a control-flow representation
  which is actually very similar to LLVM code, hence our enthusiasm!)

- we very recently submitted a funding proposal to the European Union:


  and you may find these two chapters particularly interesting:


On the technical level we are interested to know about and maybe collaborate
with efforts to support very-high-level language features in LLVM (e.g. 
walking the stack, for garbage collection), fine-grained runtime code generation
(generating code only one basic block at a time), and possibly also contribute
a PowerPC back-end, and Python bindings for LLVM. 

On another level, some of the PyPy core developers are actually also
involved with the 'codespeak' site which aims at connecting interesting
open source projects and provide new collaborative development services. 
The PyPy project is extensively using subversion which is a very interesting
(and stable) alternative to cvs.  So if you need any help with setting 
up some publically accessible infrastructure the codespeak guys will 
certainly welcome you.

Feel free to forward this mail to the LLVM mailing list, btw.  We are
just interested in getting some first contact and enter a productive
discussion and - who knows - some interesting collaboration! 

a bientot,

    Armin Rigo, Holger Krekel

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