[pypy-dev] how to help with PyPy right now

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Mon Sep 15 15:02:54 CEST 2003

Hello PyPy developers and observers,

currently we are setting up (led by Laura Creighton) some documents 
in preparation for applying to EU funding.  We know that this is 
far-too-close timing especially considering the private workload 
of everybody and the approaching "Berlin" sprint and its organization. 

That's why everyone is warmly welcomed to read the evolving 
documents in the "funding" section of the website, e.g. 


If you have any suggestions, corrections or additions to contribute
that would most certainly help.  Btw, with each document you find a 
"ReST-source" link at a ReST-text file which is the source for each 
documentation page.  Please feel free to send corrected/extended 
versions to pypy-funding at codespeak.net so we can incorporate them. 
Alterternatively if you have an svn-client you can check out the 
documents at 


thanks for any help,

    Holger & Laura

    Laura is overworked, and may not answer you as quickly as 
    you deserve, but is greatful for any help. 

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