[pypy-dev] Extended goals

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Tue Sep 16 13:08:09 CEST 2003

Christian Tismer:

> I'm not sure. As I understood Laura, there are two
> not so small companies interested.
> That's why I'm talking about load balancing in distributed
> networks, and maybe creating a tiny OS in PyPy.

I just tried having a quick loook at this to get some orientation,
but then decided it'll take too long. Therefore I'm adding my two
cents without checking if they are already listed.

When I hear "embedded devices" I can't help but subclass this with
"mobile devices" (embedded in my pocket) where I used to work for
a while and which is a huge market that has become tighter in the
recent years. Still it's always looking for the *ultimate* appli-
cation everybody wants to have (for a killer application it would
need some kind of an array of nano-tube machine guns...).

So what? Recently, I've been on the IFA fair in Berlin (consumer
electronics) and it seems like mobile phones are there and waiting
to be programmed by script-kiddies (which should be quite useful
at school). The only challenge for them to face is learning J2ME,
a 'castrated' version of Java to write so-called Midlets for such
devices [1]_.

It should be clear what I'm trying to say... which is why I think
that adding "supporting mobile devices" explicitly to the list of
goals might be worth it, since this is very eye-catching.

Who knows, maybe we'll be cheerfully using services provided by
mobile Python agents via UMTS, soon (if it doesn't die before that
can happen...)?


.. [1] http://www.forum.nokia.com/nds_for_j2me.html

Dinu C. Gherman
"The whole point of brainwashing, is that those being brainwashed
don't know it." (Graham Haley)

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