[pypy-dev] python/pypy hacking before EuroPython

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Thu Apr 8 15:34:21 CEST 2004

Hi PyPy devers, 

the other day Armin and me talked about the next PyPy sprint.  Due to
our recent inhuman efforts negotiating with the EU actual coding and
planning sprints suffered.  Thus we think it's hardly possible to do a
separate PyPy sprint before the one at EuroPython. 

But as a remedy the idea now is to do a 3+7 day coding sprint 
before EuroPython in Goetheburg/Sweden: 

    28th of May till 30th of May: Free Python hacking 
    31st of May till 6th of June: PyPy sprint 
    7th of June till 9th of June: EuroPython! 
Be assured that it will be a wild ride that you don't want
to miss :-)  I guess our main focus will be on translation to 
low level code to finally get a working C prototype of PyPy. 
There are however, many diverse areas of interest and we will
give a thorough introduction and help to newcomers. 

The "free hacking three days" mean that everyone is free to work
and collaborate on whatever they like.  Consider it a warmup
for the PyPy sprint :-) 

So i ask everyone who is interested to register here: 


and possibly post a small introduction what you are interested
in and when you could come.  Discussion about the overall planning 
or alternative ideas is also welcome here on the pypy-dev list. 

We should have nice rooms and probably pretty cheap accomodation
which we will start to organize once we have a rough number of
people we can expect.  If you register with the sprint mailing
list it doesn't imply a commitment to come but it helps with 
the planning. 

thanks and hopefully see you!


P.S.: for your information you may want to skim our research 
    and overall objectives that we just re-represented to the EU:


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