[pypy-dev] python/pypy hacking before EuroPython

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Thu Apr 8 15:54:15 CEST 2004

In a message of Thu, 08 Apr 2004 15:34:21 +0200, holger krekel writes:
>Hi PyPy devers, 
>the other day Armin and me talked about the next PyPy sprint.  Due to
>our recent inhuman efforts negotiating with the EU actual coding and
>planning sprints suffered.  Thus we think it's hardly possible to do a
>separate PyPy sprint before the one at EuroPython. 
>But as a remedy the idea now is to do a 3+7 day coding sprint 
>before EuroPython in Goetheburg/Sweden: 
>    28th of May till 30th of May: Free Python hacking 
>    31st of May till 6th of June: PyPy sprint 
>    7th of June till 9th of June: EuroPython! 
>Be assured that it will be a wild ride that you don't want
>to miss :-)  I guess our main focus will be on translation to 
>low level code to finally get a working C prototype of PyPy. 
>There are however, many diverse areas of interest and we will
>give a thorough introduction and help to newcomers.

I'd sort of prefer the 3 free days to be before EP, and the 7 days to
start the 28th.  That way I can go nuts about the conference the 3 days
before not in the middle of pypy.  do you have a reason why you want it
this way?

>The "free hacking three days" mean that everyone is free to work
>and collaborate on whatever they like.  Consider it a warmup
>for the PyPy sprint :-) 
>So i ask everyone who is interested to register here: 
>    http://codespeak.net/mailman/listinfo/pypy-sprint
>and possibly post a small introduction what you are interested
>in and when you could come.  Discussion about the overall planning 
>or alternative ideas is also welcome here on the pypy-dev list. 
>We should have nice rooms and probably pretty cheap accomodation
>which we will start to organize once we have a rough number of
>people we can expect.  If you register with the sprint mailing
>list it doesn't imply a commitment to come but it helps with 
>the planning. 
>thanks and hopefully see you!
>    holger 
>P.S.: for your information you may want to skim our research 
>    and overall objectives that we just re-represented to the EU:
>    http://codespeak.net/pypy/index.cgi?doc/funding/B1.0_objectives
>pypy-dev at codespeak.net

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