[pypy-dev] talk needed at europython

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Sat Apr 24 22:31:49 CEST 2004

Michael Hudson wrote:
> There's a general expectation that there's going to be a talk on PyPy
> at this year's EuroPython, so I think we should give (at least) one.
> Provisional idea: title "PyPy: What it is, where it's going and how
> we're going to pay for it", a 60 minute talk on the language track in
> three 20 minute sections, possibly with a different speaker for each
> section.
> Thoughts?  If someone wants to give a more detailed talk on the whole
> funding thing, that would be cool, but it probably wouldn't be on the
> lanugage track...

Just a note of support: I think that there *definitely* should be a talk 
about PyPy on the language track!

Additionally there could be a chat about funding issues on another track
but I think it'd be odd to have a whole sprint about PyPy plus all the 
developments since last year's EuroPython and then *not* have a talk 
about it on the Python language track.

I'm rather shocked that this hadn't been planned earlier. :)



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