[pypy-dev] talk needed at europython

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Tue Apr 27 00:06:12 CEST 2004

holger krekel wrote:

> Of course, we still need to do a full announcement for the sprint
> that goes at least to europython, c.l.py and python-dev lists. 
> I'll probably have some more time the next days and can draft up
> something after talking to some people on IRC or so ... 

You need to be in a hurry as people will be booking accomodation and do 
the registration before the early bird registration deadline, saturday. 
They'll also be booking flights if they haven't already.

I for instance just booked 8 flights for the Infrae people, so my stay 
in Sweden is set (I arrive sunday before conference, leave friday 
evening after conference).

> But, most importantly, please note that unlike with all our previous
> sprints we don't have a local person yet that helps us to determine
> organization/accomodation details.  I guess that Laura and Jacob are and
> will be pretty busy ... but maybe they can point us to a person that can
> help with the local organization?  (it's just *so* much easier than
> trying to prepare things from a foreign country)

Actually Dario on the EuroPython list is trying to organize sprint rooms 
but he doesn't seem to hear from *you* guys. We have a EuroPython 
mailing list. He's complaining he needs more info. Please go to the list 
if you have questions about anything to do with the conference. :)



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