[pypy-dev] testfailure on test_unicode.py in trivial object space

Roeland Rengelink roeland.rengelink at chello.nl
Wed Aug 11 18:51:13 CEST 2004


I just checked out the source code and ran the unittest as per 
instructions on



python pypy/pypy/testall.py

(Note that there is a typo in the filename there (should be 
test_all.py), and that this runs the tests in trivial objectspace.)

There is a test failure in


which is reproduced by

python py.py -T
PyPy in TrivialObjSpace on top of Python 2.3.3
 >>>> u'a' == 'a'
||Traceback (interpreter-level):
Traceback (application-level):
   File "<inline>", line 1 in ?
'a' == u'a'
(application-level) TypeError: unicode.__cmp__(x,y) requires y to be a 
'unicode', not a 'str'

This works correctly in standard object space.

As far as I can tell pypy -T tries u'a'.__cmp__('a'), which raises the 
exception, while CPython ends up doing 'a'.__eq__(str(u'a'))

I do think that pypy approaches this more rationally in standard object 
space (i.e., implementing __eq__ and __lt__ for unicode, rather than 
__cmp__, as CPython does). So it's probably a good idea to accept the 
exception in trivila object space, rather than trying to emulate the 
convoluted rules for comparison in CPython.

It would probably be a good idea to skip the test in trivial object 
space (see patch).


Roeland Rengelink

Index: test_unicodestring.py
--- test_unicodestring.py       (revision 5925)
+++ test_unicodestring.py       (working copy)
@@ -5,13 +5,17 @@
  from pypy.tool import testit

-class TestUnicodeString(testit.AppTestCase):
+class TestUnicodeStringStdOnly(testit.AppTestCase):
+    def setUp(self):
+         self.space = testit.objspace('std')
      def test_compares(self):
          self.assertEqual(u'a', 'a')
          self.assertEqual('a', u'a')
          self.assertNotEqual(u'a', 'b')
          self.assertNotEqual('a', u'b')

+class TestUnicodeString(testit.AppTestCase):
      def test_addition(self):
          def check(a, b):
              self.assertEqual(a, b)

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