[pypy-dev] Re: testfailure on test_unicode.py in trivial object space

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Thu Aug 12 19:41:50 CEST 2004

Armin Rigo <arigo at tunes.org> writes:

> Hello Roeland,
> On Wed, Aug 11, 2004 at 06:51:13PM +0200, Roeland Rengelink wrote:
>> PyPy in TrivialObjSpace on top of Python 2.3.3
>> >>>> u'a' == 'a'
>> ||Traceback (interpreter-level):
>> ...
>> It would probably be a good idea to skip the test in trivial object 
>> space (see patch).
> Definitely.  Patch applied -- thanks.

I should have done this sooner, it's my fault and I've known about the
trivial object space failure for some time, sorry.  When is it time to
make the standard object space the default?


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