[pypy-dev] Yet another trace tool!

Richard Emslie rxe at ukshells.co.uk
Tue Aug 24 01:12:51 CEST 2004

Hi PyPy-ers,

After seeing Armin's flow viewer I got the motivation to look at 
translation.  What was suppose to be gencpp.py turned into another trace 
tool. ;-)

To run go to translator/tool and run flowtrace.py ! There is a debug flag 
to FlowTracer which will give you some idea what is actully being traced!

Well - back to gencpp.py then. :-)


PS I am wondering if we should create a top level hacks folder to save 
polluting our code base with lots of little noddy scripts?  Or do I have 
free reign to check in what and where I like? :-)

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