[pypy-dev] Re: [PyCON-Organizers] Jim Hugunin as keynote speaker

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Wed Dec 1 08:11:14 CET 2004

In a message of Tue, 30 Nov 2004 20:42:44 EST, Steve Holden writes:
>Laura Creighton wrote:
>> PyPy is funded as of Dec 1. They are signing the papers _now_ I believe
>> Samuele Pedroni is coming to work for Strakt, to do PyPy.  He can come 
>to Pycon. 
>> We're _all_  thinking about coming and having a Sprint.   I forwarded t
>> to pypy-dev -- I am sure that the rest of the gang will have things to 
>> Laura -- for PyPy dev.
>Woo hoo! Great news. Laura, if you could plan to present along the lines 
>of "Separating governments from their money for Open Source development" 
>I would be at the head of the line to listen.

Ah, I think Holger is writing one of those... :-)

>It would be really great if we could see a major US-Europe collaboration 
>on Pypy at PyCon. The more the merrier!
>  Steve


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