[pypy-dev] Re: appspace considerations and genrpy

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Thu Dec 2 00:36:52 CET 2004

torsdagen den 2 december 2004 00.12 skrev Christian Tismer:
> Ok. But another thing that annoys me is that this macro language
> still has rpythonic restrictions, when I use the unmodified
> flow space. I think it should be full Python.
> I had the strong feeling that I did a whole mess with no real
> benefit. But I might be wrong.

I think we need to define what RPython really is. Probably this is best done 
by maintaining a list of what limitations relative to Python there are. 
Initially, this list does not need to be exhaustive. Anything we know about 
restrictions will help.

It is really hard to write any RPython if you don't know the limits and it is 
equally hard to know what to translate if you don't know which constructs 
that need the translation.

If we can't nail anything down at the moment, I'd like to see an explanation 
why, as well as some sort of roadmap leading to a specification of what 
RPython is. Even if it is a highly moving target, we need to track the 
language with some sort of documentation.


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