[pypy-dev] Re: EU funding is official!

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Sun Dec 5 22:22:35 CET 2004

söndagen den 5 december 2004 11.17 skrev Florian Schulze:
> Does that mean that some of the core people can live from the funding and
> work on pypy fulltime or at least much more than only in there freetime?

5 core people should be able to work full time on the project for 2 years. A 
couple of people will be able to work part time. DFKI and Logilab will be 
able to develop Python in directions to support AI.

On top of this, we can pay travel costs for individuals who live inside the EU 
to go to sprints. There is a bit of an administrative hassle with this last 
part, as the individual will have to formally join the project.

Jacob Hallén

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