[pypy-dev] module writing

Florian Bauer bauflo3 at web.de
Thu Dec 9 11:29:29 CET 2004

Douglas McNeil <mcneil at astro.queensu.ca> schrieb am 09.12.04 00:24:36:

> Per Laura's suggestion I figured I'd try to look at some of the pending
> unpythoned C modules.. though Florian beat me to binascii.py, darn it!
> Should I follow Christian's suggestion and avoid generators in this stuff?
> Before I remembered that binascii was already in the works I toyed with
> reimplementing it, and half the functions use the same 8-to-6-to-8 bit
> transforms with consequent code duplication.  Can still be refactored
> without generators, but is prettier with..
Hi Doug,

I would be interested in seeing your binascii code. Maybe we can merge yours and mine?
It seems that you took a different approach than me. I more or less translated the Jython versions of the different functions (Java is in my opinion much closer to python and much easier to read - no pointers ;-). I have not done much refactoring yet, I concentrated on writing test cases.

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