[pypy-dev] module writing

Florian Bauer bauflo3 at web.de
Fri Dec 10 23:12:22 CET 2004

>Anyway, I'm finishing up the struct module now, though I'll have to see if
>the java code has parts I should copy.  I still have to convert
>test_struct.py in the standard library to the pypy test format.  (I admit
>this test-driven development stuff takes getting used to.)
Congratulations. You seem to work faster than me at the moment. I'm 
still stuck with finishing my thesis.
But I'll submit my binascii code before chrismas, I promise ;-)
I wouldn't convert test_struct.py to pypy test format. I would just copy 
this file over from CPython. For binascii I copied test_binascii.py, and 
wrote a second test suite with more tests. I guess it will be easier to 
sync pypy with CPython in the future if pure python files like test_*.py 
are the same for both implementations.

>I can't remember what state I left my binascii code in -- it sounded like
>one of the simpler ones to do, I understand ASCII even if psyco makes my
>head hurt :) -- and I stopped when I remembered all of a sudden that you
>had called it.
>IIRC the uuencoding and hqx routines worked okay but the base64 routines
>weren't working and I couldn't quite see why.  I'll have a look on the
>weekend, and if it's true that four of the six work then I'll send it to
>you and maybe you can spot whatever's going on, or tell me that I'm going
>in completely the wrong direction.
Sounds great to me. Send me your stuff, and I'll merge it with mine and 
then submit it.

Have a nice weekend,

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