[pypy-dev] module writing

Florian Bauer bauflo3 at web.de
Wed Dec 15 11:10:37 CET 2004

Am 14.12.2004 um 19:13 schrieb Douglas McNeil:

> Hey, Florian!
> I've just submitted a bug report describing some of the oddities in
> binascii.b2a_qp, which is the only routine left which won't pass my
> regression tests.  I made the mistake of trying to implement the code
> straight from rfc 1521 because the C was so ugly, only to discover the 
> C
> does the weirdest things.
> Frustratingly, I had to throw most of my nice refactoring out the 
> window
> and follow your advice to go from the Java.  I can easily match the
> behaviour for correct inputs with my original code, but (or so I've
> discovered) it's almost impossible to match the behaviour for incorrect
> inputs without following the original program logic to a T.  :(
> When I hear back on whether the behaviour I've been wrestling with
> imitating is a bug or not I can send you the finished product. :)
> Doug (who's glad his supervisor doesn't read sourceforge)
> --
> Queen's University Astronomy Research Group
> Planetary Dynamics Division			"We create worlds."
Hey Doug,
Are you aware that there is a pure python implementation of the 
quoted-printable stuff in the std lib (I think in quopri.py, but I cant 
check atm)
I hope your supervisor doesn't find out about your sf activities ;-)
I have my final presentation for my thesis today. That means, tomorrow 
I'll have some time for some python hacking.


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