[pypy-dev] papers

Douglas McNeil mcneil at astro.queensu.ca
Thu Dec 16 01:07:02 CET 2004

While I'm waiting to hear back on the bug tracker about whether some odd
binascii behaviour is intentional, I was doing some reading.  Some of the
work by these guys


is very interesting, especially their latest

Automated Soundness Proofs for Dataflow Analyses and Transformations via
Local Rules

and Automatically Proving the Correctness of Compiler Optimizations

(There's already been mention on the list of another of their alumni,
Grove's thesis on interprocedural optimization.)

BTW, structmodule is complete in the sense it passes test_struct.py on my
box.  Unfortunately (as mentioned earlier) since I don't know of any way
to get access to certain C information it fails when I turn off my
HAVE_NATIVE flag indicating the hardcoded values are correct.. including,
frustratingly, for the default case.  There are also some 754 issues
involving NaNs I just threw up my hands at, though I have a hack for some

I've also discovered that it's relatively easy to get the behaviours for
well-formed inputs to match when the algorithm is well-specified, harder
to match half-specified behaviour, and brutal to get the errors to match..
like an idiot I tried to implement this one algorithm from the RFC spec I
thought it was respecting.  Was that ever a mistake..


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