[pypy-dev] Re: EU funding is official!

Godefroid Chapelle gotcha at bubblenet.be
Mon Dec 6 11:51:14 CET 2004

holger krekel wrote:
> Hi pypythonistas, 
> lucky day! 
> The EU signed the contract and the PyPy/EU projects starts, 
> umm, started on 1st of December 2004! 

This is great news. Congratulations.
> This means we have now two years of funding for PyPy 
> to deliver research and implementation results. 
> The funding will go to a number of people (through their
> respective organizations) who already are involved in the
> project for a long time.  But this doesn't mean that there is
> not room for new fellow hackers especially with research 
> interests! 
> After our prototypical work we already completed 
> we can be pretty confident that we can reach the 
> ambitious goals that we promised to the EU.  Nevertheless, 
> it will be quite an adventure .. as if it hadn't been one 
> already :-) 
> My special thanks go to Laura who pushed us initially towards 
> going for the funding and also supports the project in 
> magnificient ways! 

Thanks having shown us that those hills can be climbed !

> But i think i wasn't wrong either
> in July 2003, when i was skeptical with respect to all the 
> formal work and communication implications :-) 
> I think that the support from the many pythonistas which e.g.
> materialized in our EU proposal and in the sprints certainly
> contributed a lot to winning the contract! 

I am happy that our support helped you.

> Many thanks to 
> Guido and Tim, especially!  You are welcome any time to 
> join the sprint marathons towards a new Python implementation :-) 
> thanks & cheers, 
>     holger

Jacob Hallén wrote:
 > On top of this, we can pay travel costs for individuals who live 
inside the EU
 > to go to sprints. There is a bit of an administrative hassle with 
this last
 > part, as the individual will have to formally join the project.

Who should we speak to in order to be ready to join one of those sprints 
if our schedules fit ?

Who should I speak to if we want to organize again a sprint in Belgium 
(LLN or elsewhere) ? Can you fund part of the hours spent to organize it ?
 > Jacob Hallén

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