[pypy-dev] Re: Monte Carlo simulation in Python

tds tds at gmx.de
Mon Dec 27 16:45:09 CET 2004


Laura Creighton wrote:
> http://peter.mapledesign.co.uk/weblog/archives/python_is_slow.html
> Maybe we want to use this as a benchmark as a test of 'I didn't know how
> to write optimised code but PyPy did it anyway?'
> More or less for archival purposes.  Sometimes when you need code like
> this, you cannot seem to find any ...

Don't use this example. I have looked at it and it's nothing more
than a test how slow python is with function calls.

Some of the code is never called and it's very bad written example.

Simple function call test in a loop does the same for a benchmark.

But if you need it as example for 'I didn't know how to write code
but PyPy did it anyway' then it's a nice example. :-)

bye by Wolfgang

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