[pypy-dev] next sprint in the snow with the plone?

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Wed Jan 7 23:47:48 CET 2004

holger krekel wrote:


> yes, that's right. Nevertheless, my concern was more how close 26.5 is
> to 30 because it's possible that there are "too many" projects with
> points higher than 26.5 ... maybe i didn't use the right mathematical 
> terms or so :-) 

Yup. Logarithmic scale would only count if this were
an absolute measure. Since it appears to be relative,
logs or anything else don't count, just the number
of competitors above our score counts.

I forwarded the results to Mark Achtman from MPIIB,
who seems to have some experience with EU funding,
and his reaction was *very* positive, "a real good chance".

So I'll repeat this here, "a real good chance" and hope for the best.

ciao - chris

p.s.: The analysis of that evaluation doesn't suggest that we
had too experienced reviewers. That state of the art argument
is rather vague and misplaced, since we are going beyond
state of the art in certain areas. Maybe not in the research
field, but my guess is the reviewer just *did not understand* it.
This is supported by the fact that the complaint about the costs
of WP 4, 5, 6 & 7 is hard to follow. There is no reason not also
to include WP 8. These things, alltogether, are in fact costly,
and _might_ be a little over-estimated, with some fluff inside for
Anyway, what I wanted to express is that the analysis looked a bit
arbitrary, partially, like "we need to find some bad spots!".
And if this is true, then this is true for other projects as well,
and we don't need to expect all too many competitors above our score.


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