[pypy-dev] Re: Scripttest (was: [pypy-svn] r5369)

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Mon Jul 5 15:06:11 CEST 2004

[Rocco Moretti Fri, Jul 02, 2004 at 11:29:29AM -0500]
> It started out as a way to run a script at applevel, capture its output, 
> and compare it with a known good result (presumably generated from 
> CPython). I was inspired by the original parts of the CPython regression 
> test framework. The thought was to make a simple way of testing app 
> level functionality, without having to support a whole unittest 
> framework at applevel.

yes, i think this technique makes sense. But did you look into doctests, btw? 

> ... 
> >I guess this at least should not live directly in src/pypy but in some
> >subdirectory (e.g.  tool) or at 'src/scripttest' or something similar.
> Hmmm ... you're probably right that it's a poor place for it to live. 
> But I'm not sure it should be in any particular subdirectory - the tests 
>  exercise the whole of pypy, not just a particular part. As for putting 
> them in scr/scripttest or so, I was hoping that this would be able to be 
> a part of the regression testing framework, and would be hit by the 
> test_all.py script.

well, tool/testit.py is also used by all tests of pypy so i guess
something like tool/testexpect or tool/scripttest makes sense. 

> But they are self contained, and can be moved and/or deleted without any 
> consequence, if people so desire.
> -Rocco
> P.S. In retrospect, I probably rushed checking in the code. Upon 
> reexamination, it is rather rough, and not as extensible as I would 
> like. If I have time this weekend, I'll see if I can improve it. (This 
> includes adding better documentation.)

Yes, i additionally think it's a good idea to discuss with other developers
before adding toplevel directories ... 



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