[pypy-dev] having broken the back of the unittest conversion problem ...

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Thu Jun 17 08:00:37 CEST 2004

I now need a bit more help.   I made this file.  
Thanks, Laura

I've been looking at unittest.py, and I have a few questions.
First  - is this conversion table ok as far as it goes?
Second - do we ever use the msg argument, or always the None default?
Third  - what about the ones I left out?  what is the 'raises' syntax?
Fourth - do we ever use them without a preceeding self. ?
Fifth  - what about the imports?  we need to convert them too.
         import unittest  --> from std.utest import raises, whatelse ?

# The translations needed, in ascending order of my confusion

#def assert_(self, expr, msg=None):
self.assert_(expr)     --> assert expr
self.failUnless(expr)  --> assert expr

#def assertEqual(self, first, second, msg=None):
self.assertEqual(left, right)      --> assert left == right
self.assertEquals(left, right)     --> assert left == right
self.failUnlessEqual(left, right)  --> assert left == right

#def assertNotEqual(self, first, second, msg=None):
self.assertNotEqual(left, right)  --> assert left != right
self.assertNotEquals(left, right) --> assert left != right
self.failIfEqual(left, right)     --> assert left != right

# I don't know the precise syntax for raises

#def assertRaises(self, excClass, callableObj, *args, **kwargs):
self.assertRaises(excClass, callableObj, *args, **kwargs)
       --> raises(ExpectedException, 'now what?', 'now what2?')
self.failUnlessRaises(excClass, callableObj, *args, **kwargs)
       --> raises(ExpectedException, 'now what?', 'now what2?')

# I don't know if the new framework handles these at all, or their
# new names if they exist

#def fail(self, msg=None):
#def failIf(self, expr, msg=None):
#def failUnless(self, expr, msg=None):

# And I am even more clueless about what you want me to do
# about these friends.

#def failUnlessAlmostEqual(self, first, second, places=7, msg=None):
#assertAlmostEqual = assertAlmostEquals = failUnlessAlmostEqual 

#def failIfAlmostEqual(self, first, second, places=7, msg=None):
#assertNotAlmostEqual = assertNotAlmostEquals = failIfAlmostEqual

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