[pypy-dev] AW: pypy-dev Digest, Vol 287, Issue 6

"Jantzen, Günter" Guenter.Jantzen at t-mobile.de
Tue Jun 22 12:06:01 CEST 2004

Holger Krekel wrote:
> All i all, i think that we probably want to checkout joeq 
> some more.  In particular, we  might want to think about 
> trying to generate a QUAD representation of PyPy and reuse 
> some of the joeq infrastructure.  We can expect to have less 
> integration issues than with the Low-Level-Virtual-Machine 
> (LLVM) project which is written in C++ (ever worked with 
> C++-libraries and dependencies? funfunfun).  

C++ is an Industry standard based on C. 
C++ Libraries can be wrapped by C-Libraries (extern 'C') if you have the source-code at hand.
C++ Libraries that are not wrapped can contain native C++ (for example class definitions).  
Then they can be called by C++ code only. It is not possible to call C++ Libraries
which are compiled with a different Compiler, because all C++ Implementations have different naming conventions 
for methods and parameters(name mangling). 

I don't say LLVM is better for PyPy than joeq. But I think it should be first considered what is right and second what is easy to implement.


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